Our Commitment

  • To develop an approach to mental health at work that protects and improves mental health for everyone.
  • To provide proactive support to businesses to ensure your everyday working culture is as mentally healthy as possible.
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  • To support the development of compassionate and effective line management relationships towards the mental wellbeing of all employees.
  • To explore the setting up of peer support and mentoring programmes for employees.
  • To create a value proposition that mental health and wellbeing as core assets of your organisation.

NCWM's Concern

The effects of Covid-19 pandemic has an immense psychological effect on mental health. Coping with unprecedented home-bound situations, economic-driven stress and anxieties, and the changes in social interaction and engagement has created pockets of vacuums. These vacuums become home to depression leading to suicidal thoughts.

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Good mental health at work and good management go hand in hand and there is strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive. Addressing wellbeing at work increases productivity by as much as 12%.