Road To Recovery: Suicide Prevention Series

Third Thursday Talk for Mental Wellbeing. Suicide Prevention Series, Episode 1, what will you expect when calling the carelines? To learn more or to register, visit

Hero Journey

A highly Interactive and fun workshop where students will have an opportunity to tap into their creativity, knowledge, and inner resources to solve problems. They will come away with heightened self-awareness, and knowledge and feel self-empowered in their ability to face challenging situations. The workshop is designed for Form 4 and Form 5 students To […]

Health talk: Understanding Depression, Suicide Ideation and Treatment Options

Depression and suicidal thoughts are not always obvious. Someone who appears strong or cheerful all the time may be suffering from hidden distress.  Come join Prof Dr Ahmad Hatim Sulaiman from University Malaya at 9.30 am – 10.30 am, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, who will  speak on how to recognise mental health problems in loved […]

Decriminalising Attempted Suicide

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An Open Dialogue Repeal of Section 309 of the Penal Code Doctors’ legal obligations when treating patients with Mental Health issues. Current status of the proposed Repeal of Sec 309. What happens when attempted suicide survivors are arrested. Real Life Cry for Help – Conversations. Thursday, 29 September 2022 12.30pm to 2.00pm – Registration followed […]

Youth Mental Health in Malaysia book launch

Mind Matters Network proudly presents our FIRST ever youth mental health book launch! The handbook entitled Youth Mental Health in Malaysia is co-authored by Dr Philip George, Dr Sabrina Fernandez and Ms Sharrada Segeran. The book covers common mental health struggles faced by youth, coping strategies, and resources to reach out for support. 🔷️ […]

November 3rd Thursday Talk on “Power Your Mind”

What do you do if you were informed that you are a stage 4 Covid19 patient and was pushed into the ICU? The only logical way is to strengthen your mental muscle and be super positive. Our next speaker, Anthony Pinto, will share how to strengthen your mental muscle in the face of unexpected challenges.  […]

Building And Sustaining Resilience

Developing Resilience: Overcoming & Growing from Life’s Challenges With the right tools and support in place, you will emerge with the courage and strength to cope during and after a crisis. Many have found pathways towards stable healthy levels of psychological and physical functioning. Discover the tools on resilience building to get through difficult situations […]

Webinar Realiti Kesihatan Mental Belia dan Kanak-Kanak

“Kesihatan mental sama pentingnya dengan kesihatan fizikal dan memerlukan kualiti sokongan yang sama” – Kate Middleton. Ayuh sertai webinar kami sempena Hari Kesihatan Mental Sedunia pada 10 October 2021: